Operation rules of Sterile Aesthetic and Podiatry:

  1. Please arrive to my salon alone. I do love children, but I am working with sharp equipment, machines and chemicals – dangerous for kids. The intimacy of the procedures also rules out the presence of 3rd person. In case you have bodyguards, please leave them outside, I will protect you while you are inside.
  2. Please arrive on time, maximum plus or minus 5 minutes can be accepted.
  3. The first step always starts with a health check for both aesthetic and podiatry treatments. I am overcome for your confidence and honest answers. Each treatment has circumstances that has to be accounted for or might be a reason even not to start. It is for your health, the beauty of your leg and skin why I ask a few questions.
  4. It is very important that you are honest with me. I can perform the procedures expertly only if I am well aware of your health status. Please trust me – I have sworn to secrecy and I am bound by this oath.
  5. Obviously, during the treatment we get into a closer contact. Please avoid talking about topics of politics, hunting, violence, hate, arrogance. I am more than happy to talk about the treatment itself, procedures, yourself, your loved ones, literature, music, cooking, travel, cats or dogs. I am interested in who you are and what you are interested in, how I can help you with my treatments. It is totally irrelevant what your religion is, your skin colour, origin of birth or sexual interest.
  6. Please avoid using your mobile phone while in the salon. Please for this short period of time, try to release stress, get out of the rush – on the other hand it distracts me also if you are using your phone.
  7. Fever or being under the influence of alcohol is a deal-breaker.
  8. Please come to your appointment clean.
  9. In case something very important intervened in the meantime, you have the possibility to cancel treatment with a 24-hour notice. Due to the great demand for appointments unfortunately, I cannot accept cancellations within 24-hour.
  10. If someone has an appointment and forgets to come, please do not even try once more, there will not be a second chance.

Making an appointment

Booking an appointment can be arranged through mobile phone or e-mail.

Mobile number: +36 30 946 9870

Please send a text message indicating your name, phone number on which to call you back and which type of treatment you would be interested in.

I can make phonecalls or give you any further information from Mondays to Fridays 8.00 am – 8.00 pm

Please take it into consideration that during treatments, the guest is the most important for me, so I do not take phone-calls, this is why I ask for a text message.


My social media sites (Facebook, Istagram, Twitter) are not for making appointments, those are set up mainly for information and marketing purposes.

Opening Hours

In my salon in Budapest, appointments are available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in a pre-arranged period of time. There are no official opening hours. On these days, I work from 8.00 am – to 19.00 pm.

At other times (06.00-08.00 h or 19.00-22.00) treatments are available at an additional cost.

Sterility, hygiene

I pay special attention to keeping the hygienic rules and regulations.

Each and every equipment and tool that touches the skin, the leg or nail of the guest is sterilized or dezimficied.

The cleaning, soaking, drying and then sterilizing is carried out by myself in the office area with a MELAG brand medical sterilizer machine.

Foot care is done with sterile disposable scalpel that is used once only.

My regulars have their own specific tools with their names written on them – these are used only on their feet, but of course these are also sterilized.

Textiles are pre-soaked then washed at 60 degrees, which is followed by a hot steamed ironing process.

In case it is needed disposable slippers are used in the salon.

Each foot care treatment is performed using rubber gloves.

During the process of nail thinning of fungus nail, both my guest and me are wearing disposable masks. After the thinning, the tools and equipment is sterilized with a special wide spectrum chemical.

During aesthetic treatments the use of rubber gloves or a special material that creates a sterile film-layer on my whole hand and palm is obvious.