Price list, payment

Price list, payment

Foot care
Foot care and nail cut (first treatment)
12.000 HUF
Foot care, nail cut (second time if maximum 6 weeks between two treatments)
9.500 HUF
Japanese manicure on toenails
4.000 HUF
Foot massage (10’)
4.000 HUF
Aesthetic treatments
Back waxing
8.000 HUF
Leg waxing
8.000 HUF / 2 legs
Hand, arm waxing
6.000 HUF / 2 arms
Intimate waxing (mons pubis,scrotum)
6.000 HUF
Buttocks waxing
6.000 HUF
Full body wax
according to agreement after health check up

Payment is possible by cash, late payment or late bank transfer is not possible.

(The listed prices are all net prices)

My trainers, teachers and role models:

I am grateful to the fate for showing me the way.

I would like to thank all my vocational trainers, teachers for the knowledge, the enormous amount of experience passed on to me and the practical skills.

I am proud to have learnt from the greatest and the bests throughout my life.

Erika Kolman and Enikő Marnitzné Gál contaminated me with the love of fastidious foot care, to whom I am absolutely thankful for supporting me. My forever role model is Eszter Kincs – my former teacher and from whom I learnt the knack of the vocation.

I learnt the basics of Cosmetics from Jánosné Wolf – I thank her for the support, her unmeasurable humanism and her wisdom. Tölgyesi Krisztina, my other vocational trainer, who made me love waxing and who taught me with zest and professionalism.

I have been learning a lot from dr. Gábor Bali – dermatologist, allergologist and clinical immunologist head physician – with his help I maintain and develop my knowledge and skills.